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WebMax IT Solution is inviting you to visit our website blog for educational tips, tutorials and information about website development and all its components. Our website developer blog site will give tons of rich information about Worpdress, Joomla, Drupal, CSS, Html , Html5, php, Cms and all others that is use for website creation and development.

Nowadays there are plenty of activity we do using our computer, researching for a school project, playing games and chatting with your friends and family. We should admit that computer technology has conquered the world and our interest. Number of Website that website developer generate and post a lot of important facts and information has Increase and it was scattered all over the World Wide Web. As the number of company using website as their online presence for getting their customer know about their product and services web developers and website creator continue to rise and web development has been a stable work and that is the reason how this blog site come up we want to help everyone who want to know about Website development process and anyone who want to learn about website. Our team will give our best effort to give the best facts and information that you want to know.

Website Developer blog will also discuss how to setup a blog using different ways including the world best tools for blogging the WordPress (Best tool used by Website Developer) we will also giving some free Plug in and extension that you can use to effectively work your way to success in building your own blogs as website developer, We will be giving away some premium templates, free wordpress themes and extension, so always visit our website website developer dot com dot ph for updates and website developer blog will be posting those stuffs on a limited number of days only.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization will also be part of our website developer blogs and we from website developer blog should know how to use it properly and effectively, we will share our knowledge on everything we know about every topic on being a website developer. On page and off page optimization and update on latest algorithm, simple to complex guide and if possible we will be posting detailed and step by step process on how to do it right just like professional website developer do, we will also be giving updates on all web tools we are using including the update of WordPress, Joomla, Jquery and everything that is connected of being website developer and all under the sun.

We from website developer blog have plenty of other website sources that we can share for you to visit and look like website developer blog there are more information about every topic or problem that you need to solve, some of the website that we know that you might need in the future while learning being website developer is Computer Solutions Website this website will give all the things you need to know about your computer hardware and will give solutions to every computer problems so if everything go wrong on your workplace and may disrupt your website developer task find time to visit computer solutions website .

Some educational tools and themes use for website development and website developer must have can be found on The Best Resources Website where you can download free WordPress themes, this website is giving free and premium template and theme to try and customize but website developer blog is reminding that themes found on this site must be use for educational purposed and help aid website developer student only and if you will use it on commercial purpose please purchase it on the theme developers website.

Having a website and being website developer of building your success should not just focus on development and creating a good website, as website developer consider having your own domain name and acquire web hosting to secure your website files against hacking and bots, so start you way to be good website developer the right way get your website hosting and register your own domain name of your choice now, website developer blog recommends their service because they have the most friendly customer service and will assist you to the fullest.

For other website developer or business owner and company who are looking for professional web developer and website layout artist you can visit the website of WebMax IT Solutions (owner of website developer blog) they provide professional Website development services, Graphic works and SEO. They Specialized website development on WordPress, Joomla business website. WebMax IT Solutions is the main contributor and hosting provider of our blog website. Website Developer blog will then be willing to answer all inquiry that is related to website development.



We guaranteed Graphics for your website are our mastery. We collect your ideas integrate with us, and our end result is exactly the same as what you wish for.

We develop websites and we provide digital graphics. We designs everything that you want. On the website side we’ll be happy to create for you everything from small simple icon to a fully integrated online shopping system. On the graphics side we do little things and make it more attractive eye candy like coffee cups and big things… and everything in between including logos, stationery, brochures, door hangers, calendars and t-shirts.

Graphics we can create for you:

* Tarpuline
* Logo Design
* Flyer and Brochure Design
* T-shirt Design
* Business Card and Call Card Designs
* Web Advertising Banners
* Web Interfaces or Graphics
* Posters
* and more!

Whether you need graphics for an entire website or just a few pieces to complete your current project, you can count on us!

Webmax IT Solutions provides a full service – from consultation and strategic planning to web development and search engine optimazation – together with long term management and support for your web project. Based in Philippines, with global clients worldwide and one of the most experienced teams in the industry, we are able to work as effectively with start-ups and new ventures as we do with established brands and their agencies.

By implementing a wide variety of approaches, we can provide solutions to meet business objectives through online and other digital formats. Our solutions include:

* Application development
* Web Design
* Web Development
* System integration
* Graphic Designs
* IT Business consulting
* Computer Repair
* Domain Registration and Hosting
* Network Installation and Troubleshooting

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